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Banana Bros. OTTO Grinder

Banana Bros. OTTO Grinder

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Presenting the Banana Bros. OTTO Grinder

A ground breaking device harmonizing contemporary design and ergonomic functionality. This revolutionary grinder seamlessly converts dry herb into the ideal texture for cones, activated with a simple touch. Through a captivating partnership with Higher Standards, the OTTO grinder now debuts in a modern Pearl White shade, adorned with an exquisite opalescent veneer that imparts a touch of refinement to this established and dependable grinder.

Effortless Grinding and Cone Filling with the OTTO Grinder Engineered to elevate your grinding journey, the OTTO Grinder stands as a testament to effortless efficiency, capable of grinding and packing 20-30 cones per charge. Its automatic operation guarantees uniform and consistent cone filling, abolishing the inconveniences and untidiness associated with manual grinding. Powered by advanced Artificial Intelligence grinding technology, the OTTO grinder features a spring-loaded mechanism that expertly emulates the nuanced gestures of human hand grinding. The outcome is uniformly ground herb, finely suited for your cones.

Highlighted Attributes:

  • Single-Button Ease of Use
  • SMART Grinding Technology
  • All-Inclusive Automated Joint Roller
  • Mess-Free Filling Funnel
  • Premium All-Natural Cones
  • Metal Grinder Teeth
  • Ingeniously Spring-Loaded
  • Material Consistency Detection
  • USB Rechargeable

HS x Banana Bros. OTTO Grinder Distinctive Traits:

  • Exclusive Opalescent Finish in Pearl White
  • Mill & Fill with a Simple Button Tap
  • AI-Enhanced Direction, Speed & Pressure Adaptation
  • Enhanced Grinding Algorithm
  • Homogeneous Grind Thwarts Air Pockets and Irregularities
  • Grind & Pack 20-30 Cones per Charge
  • Reinforced Latch for Prolonged Resilience
  • Includes 6 Banana Bros. Cones and 3 King-Sized Cones
  • Compatibility with Short, Standard & King-Sized Cones
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