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Dr. Greenthumbs x Stundenglass Gravity Hookah

Dr. Greenthumbs x Stundenglass Gravity Hookah

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Introducing the collaborative masterpiece - the Dr. Greenthumbs x Stündenglass Gravity Hookah.

A groundbreaking partnership between Stündenglass and B-Real, the creative genius behind Dr. Greenthumb’s Dispensaries and the iconic Cypress Hill frontman. This visionary collaboration has given birth to an extraordinary creation - the Dr. Greenthumbs x Stündenglass™ Gravity Hookah. A true revolution that seamlessly merges cutting-edge design with unmatched functionality, setting new standards in the industry.

Powered by Innovation Prepare to be mesmerized by the ingenious features of the Dr. Greenthumbs x Stündenglass™ Gravity Hookah. Its state-of-the-art 360-degree gravity system employs kinetic motion activation, a mesmerizing cascade of water, and advanced opposing airflow technology to deliver an exceptionally smooth and flavor-rich smoking experience. With every inhalation, you'll relish the perfect blend of hydration and forced-air delivery, immersing you in an unparalleled, hands-free indulgence.

Unrivaled Features The Dr. Greenthumbs x Stündenglass™ Gravity Hookah boasts a spectrum of features that redefine the smoking experience:

  • Revolutionary 360° Gravity System
  • Versatility to accommodate Hookah, Dry Herb, & Concentrates
  • Precise Forced-Air Delivery
  • Constructed with Anodized Metal for durability and style
  • Enjoy the flexibility of Interchangeable Mouthpieces
  • Equipped with a 14 mm, Male-To-Male Adapter
  • Easy-to-clean Removable Globes, conveniently dishwasher-safe
  • Complete with a purposeful Stand for added elegance
  • Packaging that's eco-friendly and reusable, featuring a convenient Handle for transport

Elevate your smoking ritual to an entirely new realm with the Dr. Greenthumbs x Stündenglass™ Gravity Hookah. A convergence of brilliance, aesthetics, and cutting-edge technology that ensures an experience like no other.

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