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Eyce 2.0 Pipe Kit

Eyce 2.0 Pipe Kit

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Introducing the EYCE 2.0 Pipe Kit

An invitation to an exceptional smoking journey. Brace yourself for an elevated experience as EYCE 2.0 transcends the ordinary, delivering the essence of frozen flower hits with unparalleled coolness. In just a few effortless steps, your inhalations will become an icy adventure, with smoke as crisp as 26°F. This comprehensive kit equips you to craft a singular frozen water bong, promising not just refreshment, but an exhilarating sensation.

Revolutionary Mold Crafting At the heart of the EYCE 2.0 experience lies the FDA Food-Grade silicone mold by EYCE. This ingenious creation allows you to effortlessly shape an all-ice chamber that seamlessly embraces any standard 9mm slide. The mold's innovation doesn't stop there—it's also convertible for rig use, granting you an array of options for your smoking sessions. With the power of a single EYCE mold kit, the ability to fashion an infinite array of EYCE bongs rests in your hands.

Highlighted Features :

  • Crafted from FDA Food-Grade Silicone, Ensuring Safety and Quality
  • Unveil the Magic of Frozen Flower Rips
  • Each Kit Presents the Opportunity to Create an Ice-Cool Adventure

Seize the EYCE 2.0 Pipe Kit and dive into a world of refreshment and innovation. More than a kit, it's a gateway to transformative experiences, all encapsulated within the embrace of icy draws and cool exhilaration.

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