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Eyce Collector

Eyce Collector

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Eyce Collector: Elevating the Smoking Experience

Step into a new era of smoking with the revolutionary Eyce Collector. This rig ingeniously merges the raw potency of a traditional rig with an unbeatable unbreakable design. Constructed from top-tier platinum-cured silicone, the Collector is engineered to brave the harshest conditions, standing as your ultimate companion for bold smoking endeavors. Its robust structure not only boasts heat resistance but also ensures a comfortable grip, delivering a seamless on-the-go experience.

Unadulterated Flavor, Unmatched Filtration

Unlock the summit of flavor with the Eyce Collector. Outfitted with an exclusive Grade 2 titanium nozzle, this rig masterfully extracts the purest, most aromatic vapor from your solid concentrates. This vapor subsequently navigates through a multi-percolating water filtration system, promising draws that are incredibly smooth and cool. Each inhale is a testament to the Collector's prowess, consistently delivering unrivaled flavor and satisfaction.

Highlighted Features:
  • Advanced Multi-Percolating Water Filtration
  • Exclusively Engineered Grade 2 Titanium Nozzle
  • Exceptionally Resilient Composition
  • Crafted from Premium Platinum-Cured Silicone
  • Comprehensive 4-Piece Design
  • Notable Durability and Heat Resistance
  • Incorporated Stash Jar for Convenience
  • Simple Disassembly for Effortless Cleaning
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