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Eyce ORAFLEX Shorty

Eyce ORAFLEX Shorty

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Eyce ORAFLEX® Shorty: Embrace the Evolution

Step into the future with the Eyce ORAFLEX® Shorty, a groundbreaking addition to the acclaimed ORAFLEX® (Overmolded Rubber Art) collection by Eyce. Representing the pinnacle of innovation, this exclusive line, safeguarded by a utility patent, showcases Eyce's mastery in crafting accessories with dual layers of platinum-cured silicone. Beyond unmatched durability, it boasts a glossy, handcrafted allure reminiscent of artisanal glass pipes.

Streamlined and Adaptable Design

Compact yet robust, the ORAFLEX Shorty packs an impressive punch, rendering it the ultimate choice for a swift, on-the-go one-hitter experience. Our patented snap-in glass bowl design facilitates effortless swapping between the bowl, Titanium Nozzle, or Quartz Nozzle, effortlessly transforming the Eyce ORAFLEX Shorty into a compact honey straw. Revel in the realm of versatile smoking options without compromising on exceptional quality. And with our industry-leading Lifetime Warranty, the virtually indestructible ORAFLEX Shorty offers unrivaled tranquility, establishing itself as your reliable, enduring companion.

Key Attributes:
  • Thoughtfully Engineered Compactness
  • Artisanal Hand-Blown Glass Aesthetics
  • Formed from Premium Platinum-Cured Silicone
  • Shielded by a Utility Patent
  • Practically Invulnerable Construction
  • Accompanied by a Borosilicate Glass Bowl
  • Exclusive Proprietary Snap-In Components

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