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Eyce ProTeck Alien Spoon

Eyce ProTeck Alien Spoon

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Embark on an extraordinary smoking venture with the Eyce ProTeck™ Glass Series: the ProTeck Alien Spoon.

This borosilicate glass spoon pipe is cocooned in a platinum-cured silicone exoskeleton, granting it an unparalleled resilience that defies the ordinary. Witness The Alien's seamless fusion of durability and allure, destined to enhance your smoking encounters with a touch of celestial charm and unmatched performance.

Innovative Design Crafted to Perfection

The Alien boasts an unconventional silicone mold adorned with intricate details, a visual spectacle that harmonizes with its extraterrestrial aura. Beyond aesthetics, this design caters to an ergonomic grip, ensuring comfort and stability during your sessions. Notably, the pipe's neck hosts a concealed poker holder, offering an additional layer of convenience for your experience.

Key Features
  • Portable Spoon Pipe, Ideal for On-the-Go
  • Crafted from Durable Borosilicate Glass
  • Shielded by Platinum-Cured Silicone Mold
  • Intricate Detailing for Aesthetic Appeal
  • Complete with a Steel Poker
  • Poker Holder for Added Convenience
  • Distinctive Design, No Two Alike
  • Effortless Cleaning Process
  • Dimensions: Length - 4.5”, Width - 2”

Elevate your smoking ritual to cosmic heights with the Eyce ProTeck Alien Spoon, where innovation harmonizes with style, durability, and practicality.
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