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Groove 7" Round Rig

Groove 7" Round Rig

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Introducing the Groove 7" Round Rig - Elevating Your Smoking Experience

Experience the pinnacle of smoking satisfaction with the Groove 7" Round Rig. As a testament to meticulous craftsmanship, this rig boasts ground glass connections, a 14mm bowl, and a 90° banger. Each detail is thoughtfully curated to ensure not only optimal performance but also a gratifying user experience. From its impeccable construction to the careful selection of components, this rig is purpose-built to deliver hits that surpass expectations.

Key Highlights:
  • A Fusion of Clear Glass and Striking Black Accents
  • Precision-Engineered Ground Glass Connections
  • Includes 14mm Bowl and 90° Banger
  • Stands at 7 Inches in Height
  • Perfectly Suited for Dry Herb Usage

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