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Higher Standards - Heavy Duty Mini Beaker - Packaged

Higher Standards - Heavy Duty Mini Beaker - Packaged

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Presenting the Higher Standards - Heavy Duty Mini Beaker: Where Compact Meets Capacity

Discover the exceptional fusion of portability and performance with the Heavy Duty Mini Beaker from Higher Standards. A condensed counterpart of the classic Heavy Duty Beaker, this USA-crafted wonder stands proudly at eight inches, exuding premium quality through meticulously handcrafted borosilicate glass. From durability to heat resistance and pristine flavor delivery, this masterpiece reigns supreme.

Unleash Draw Perfection and Versatility The Heavy Duty Mini Beaker boasts a detachable Mini Glass Downstem, adorned with six precision slits. This design guarantees each draw is cleansed and cooled to flawlessness. Akin to a symphony, this dual-function water pipe also flaunts a detachable Glass Bowl and includes a 45-Degree Quartz Banger, a Carb Cap, and a Large Tool, forming a holistic setup tailored for concentrate indulgence.

Key Features:

  • Compact Stature, Grand Capabilities: 8 inches of Ingenious Craftsmanship
  • The 45-Degree Quartz Banger Ensemble: Crafting Flavor with Precision
  • Carb Cap and Large Tool: Elevating Concentrate Consumption
  • Mini Glass Downstem with 6-Slit Diffusion: Nurturing Perfection in Every Draw
  • Crafted by Hand: Medical-Grade Borosilicate Glass, 7 mm Thick
  • Ground Glass Connection: A Precise Union of Components
  • Fat-Lipped Mouthpiece: Sealing Every Puff with Comfort
  • Ice Pinch: The Element of Chill
  • Includes Mini Ice Mold: Transforming Cool into Art
  • Made In The USA: The Pride of Craftsmanship
  • Collector’s Case: A Treasure Chest for Your Masterpiece
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