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Jam Monster Blueberry 100mL

Jam Monster Blueberry 100mL

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Nicotine Strength

Introducing Jam Monster Blueberry - A 100ml Delight from Jam Monster E-Juice.

Prepare for a vaping experience like no other as Jam Monster Blueberry takes center stage. This e-liquid delivers the most succulent and revitalizing blueberry essence, coupled with a satisfying nicotine kick. Jam Monster Blueberry is an absolute must-have on your vape shelf if you cherish the slightly tangy yet wonderfully pleasant taste and aroma of blueberries.

E-Liquid Particulars:

  • Brand: Jam Monster
  • Flavor: Blueberry
  • Flavor Profile: Blueberry, Jam, Butter Toast
  • Nicotine Type: Freebase
  • Bottle Size: 100ml in a Chubby Gorilla bottle
  • Nicotine Levels: Available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg
  • VG/PG Ratio: 75/25

Your Package Contains:

  • 1 x 100ml bottle of Jam Monster Blueberry E-Juice

Get ready to embark on a flavor-packed journey where the essence of ripe blueberries meets the comforting notes of jam and buttered toast. Jam Monster Blueberry is a vape treat you simply can't afford to miss. Elevate your vaping experience today.

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