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K.Haring Glass Water Pipe

K.Haring Glass Water Pipe

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Introduce yourself to the captivating universe of renowned artist Keith Haring through the exceptional K.Haring Glass Collection Water Pipe.

This exquisite water pipe serves as both a canvas for Haring's iconic artwork and an avenue for an enhanced smoking encounter, all thanks to its efficient water filtration system. Standing tall at an impressive 12.4 inches, this masterpiece is meticulously fashioned from durable borosilicate glass, ensuring unwavering resilience even when exposed to extreme heat.

Elevated Smoking Pleasure At the core of the K.Haring Glass Collection Water Pipe lies a detachable diffused downstem, seamlessly connecting to a spacious bowl through an airtight ground glass joint. With every inhalation, a meticulously crafted seven-slit showerhead percolator comes to life, producing delicate bubbles that effectively moisturize, cleanse, and cool the smoke. The result? A draw that's velvety smooth and immensely satisfying. Designed for your utmost comfort, this water pipe incorporates a generously curved mouthpiece, a purposeful ice catcher, and a protective splashguard, ensuring that your sessions are nothing short of delightful and hassle-free.

Unveiling the Features

  • Dimensions: 5.8” Width x 5.8” Depth x 12.4” Height
  • Showcases Iconic Artwork by Keith Haring
  • Designs Hand-Applied and Resistant to Heat
  • Equipped with a 7-Slit Showerhead Percolator
  • Crafted from Thick Borosilicate Glass for Enduring Quality
  • Downstem is Removable for Ease of Cleaning
  • Ground Glass Connection for a Secure Fit
  • Incorporates an Ice Catcher and a Thoughtful Splashguard
  • Features a Comfortable Fat-Lipped Mouthpiece
  • Stands Firmly on a Wide and Stable Base
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