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Smok NOVO 4 25W Pod System

Smok NOVO 4 25W Pod System

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SMOK Novo 4 Vape Pod Kit - SMOK Pod System


SMOK has launched many impressive vape pod kits and mod kits, and SMOK Novo 4 is one of the best in its offering. SMOK Novo 4 pod vape kit offers the ultimate portability paired with some convenient features to deliver the best vaping sessions you long for. Given the performance and price range, pod kit lovers can't miss out on Novo 4 pod vape kit by SMOK.

Is SMOK Novo 4 leakproof?

SMOK Novo 4 vape pods feature a unique leak-proof strategy, preventing the e-juice from leaking even when traveling. It has 3 silicon rings placed ergonomically to arrest the e-juice within the device. Also, the device is compact enough to keep multiple SMOK Nova 4 pod kits in your pockets. So, you can enjoy leak-proof vape sessions with SMOK Novo 4 vape pod kits.

How long does a SMOK Novo 4 vape pod last? 

SMOK NOVO 4 pod kits come with a carbon fiber body and a powerful battery, so they can give more vaping hours and last longer withstanding bumps and harsh weather. Also, the heating element has a wider contact area with e-liquid, making the overall performance satisfying and efficient.

 SMOK Novo 4 pod kit - Specs & Features 

  • 5mmx26.5mmx17.7mm
  • Weighs 51.7g
  • 2ml E-juice Capacity
  • 5-25W Adjustable
  • 800mAh Battery
  • Draw Activation
  • Replaceable Coils

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