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VIBES Cones Box - 1.25

VIBES Cones Box - 1.25

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Introducing the VIBES Cones Box - 1.25": Your Reserve of Premium Rolling Pleasure

Dive into an uninterrupted realm of exquisite rolling with the VIBES Cones Box - 1.25". Each box is a treasure trove, holding 30 coffins of cones, wherein dwell 6 carefully crafted cones, bestowing upon you an abundant bounty of 180 VIBES Cones. Choose your path among three illustrious options: the whisper-thin Ultra Thin, the poised Rice, or the classic Hemp, each catering to your preferences and signature rolling style.

VIBES Rice Cones: A Symphony of Slow-Burning Brilliance For the aficionados of leisurely smoking, VIBES Rice Cones stand as an imperative addition. Crafted from rice paper, these cones unveil a burn rate that dances to a leisurely tune, granting you the privilege to savor each moment. An airflow architecture exclusive to VIBES ensures a harmonious and unwavering draw, translating into a smoking experience that is both smooth and deeply gratifying.

Key Attributes:

  • 30 Coffins of Anticipation
  • A Grand Total of 180 Cones Await
  • The Trifecta of Choice: Ultra Thin, Rice, or Hemp Cones
  • 1.25” Length: A Testament to Classic Dimensions
  • A Masterpiece of Slow and Even Burning
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