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VIBES - The Cali - 1 Gram

VIBES - The Cali - 1 Gram

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Introducing VIBES - The Cali - 1 Gram: Elevate Your Smoking Ritual

Venture into the realm of Berner, the trailblazing entrepreneur and Bay Area rap luminary, as he unveils his latest masterpiece—The Cali by VIBES™. Delve into a smoke experience that resonates intimately, meticulously capturing Berner's iconic rolling finesse. Through its cylindrical architecture and expansive width, The Cali extends an invitation to optimal airflow, luxurious pulls, and a gratifying symphony of voluminous smoke.

Elevated Stability and Filtration for Unmatched Pre-Rolls At the core of The Cali lies meticulously designed tips, engineered to enhance the pre-roll packing process with precision and ease. Beyond their functional prowess, these tips stand as stalwart guardians of purity, adeptly ensnaring any unwanted particulates. Immerse yourself in the Cali realm—a sanctuary of immaculate and unsullied smoke encounters.

Key Highlights:

  • Wide, Cylindrical Structure: Gateway to Sensation
  • Optimal Airflow: The Cadence of Smooth Draws
  • Revel in the Grandeur of Big-Smoke Revelations
  • Design Tailored for Effortless Packing
  • Three Sizes to Suit Your Quest
  • Four Blends, Curated for Discerning Tastes
  • Nurtured in the Heart of France
  • Crafted by Hand in the Dominican Republic
  • Bound by the Organic Embrace of Acacia Gum
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