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VIBES - The Cali - 3 Gram

VIBES - The Cali - 3 Gram

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Introducing VIBES - The Cali - 3 Gram: Elevate Your Smoking Saga

Enter the realm of Berner, the illustrious entrepreneur and Bay Area rap virtuoso, as he unveils his most intimate creation yet—the Cali by VIBES™. Transcending mere pre-rolls, The Cali embodies Berner's distinctive rolling finesse, a testament to his meticulous artistry. A cylindrical masterpiece with a generous girth, this pre-roll delivers not just smoke, but an encounter like no other—optimally flowing, comfortably drawn, and thoroughly immersive.

Stability Meets Refinement, Puff After Puff Immersed in The Cali's design, you'll find tips that transcend function, exuding exceptional stability while being meticulously packed. As the flame ignites, these tips orchestrate a symphony of consistent burn, harmonizing with their second role—filtering away the unwanted. The result? A pristine, unruffled smoking adventure, where every puff is a celebration of quality and purity.

Key Highlights:

  • Wide, Cylindrical Structure: The Canvas of Experience
  • Optimal Airflow: The Essence of Smooth Draws
  • Indulge in the Big-Smoke Revelation
  • Ease-Infused Packing Design
  • Available in Three Sizes: A Tailored Fit Awaits
  • A Quartet of Blends, Handpicked for Discerning Palates
  • Cultivated in the Fields of France
  • Artisanally Hand-Rolled in the Dominican Republic
  • Bound by the Organic Embrace of Acacia Gum
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