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Vibes Tips Box

Vibes Tips Box

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Presenting the Vibes Tips Box: Elevate Your Smoking Precision

Welcome to the realm of Vibes Tips, where your rolling papers meet their match. Crafted with a purpose, these tips ensure your rolling experience transcends to the very end. They're meticulously designed to deliver the pinnacle of smoothness and flexibility, with their perforated edges allowing for a harmonious exchange of airflow. Beyond mere utility, these tips double as the ideal handle, simplifying the art of passing your rolled treasures to others. In each booklet of Vibes Tips, you'll find a generous offering of 50 tips, an abundant resource for your smoking sessions.

Unveiling Vibes™: A Harmony with Berner Vibes™ is the latest symphony orchestrated by the influential rapper, entrepreneur, and trailblazer Berner. In this venture, Berner expands his empire by offering a curated collection of premium rolling papers. Cultivated and honed with meticulous care in the fields of France, these papers epitomize the epitome of quality.

Key Features:

  • Perforated Edges: An Invitation to Seamless Draws
  • Flexible Roll: Crafting Precision at Your Fingertips

What's Awaiting You:

  • 50 Tips Await in Each Booklet
  • 50 Booklets Grace Each Box

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